Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Glitter Houses!

I love glitter houses!
This is the first one I've tried to make on my own. Yes, it has a giant bird on top and a rather large Christmas ornament hanging above the door....but it's a fantasy thing.
While waiting at the hairdresser's on Monday, I flipped through the latest issue of Better Homes & Garden and I think I really need to subscribe to that next year. If all the issues are as good as this one I am missing out. Anyone a subscriber? Anyway, as you could guess, it has glitter houses in it and templates! You can download them here.
So I cut them out and then found this one at Michelle White's blog! So mine is a blatant copy of her's. Her house is much better, you must go visit it. I reduced the template she gives a link to on her case you are wondering. But I have a lot of stacking boxes and so I need different size houses. The bigger my houses get the better those red birds are gonna fit.
Oh...and her link is in her comments section...the template is from MemoryMakers Magazine.
Off to vacuum glitter.


Unknown said...

Ah, a use for those stackable GIFT boxes! ADORABLE! And I love your rich pink blog color. :)

Robin said...

The house is sooo cute! I made my first one recently too! I did not have a pattern, I searched EVERYWHERE! mine turned out way too big so i'll be using these patterns soon. (I do subscribe to BHG and like the magazine).

Anna said...

ohhhhhh soooooo cute! (sorry i'm obsessed with "O"'s) anyhow your house is super cute! i do get better homes and garden - seasonal issues are the best but overall it's very afforable compared to other stuff i've been getting.

Michelle M White said...

You are so sweet! The house is darling!!!! I love the color...maybe I'll make a blue one next! Aren't they fun???

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you had the link to the BHG houses! They did 3 other houses last year. If you do a search on their website for Snowy Village or for paper house ornaments I think it brings them up. I saw the ones in the mag this year and had searched for them on the website but couldn't find them, so I'm so happy you have the link! Now I have enough for a little village so I need to actually DO something with the patterns. I LOVE your little house on the box! It's just darling! :)

Betsy said...

love your glitter house with the bird on top. I made a church and put some paper stained glass windows in there. So much fun. Like your site very much.