Friday, December 30, 2011


 I really and truly thought I took some full pictures of the red/white/blue Log Cabin quilt above....
but I can't find them! Will need to do that when I'm at my son's house....
I started that quilt for my son when he was a high school senior quite a few years ago and got sick of working on it and put it away for years...
got it out this year and finished it and gave it to my son and his wife for Christmas!

And below are some smaller versions of the scrolled paperback book pages made into a wreath/ornament....

I made some for gifts this year...

 ... and the Christmas fascinators that I made for my friends' party...
I made some more for family on Christmas Eve....
(picture at my daughter's house)
That's my daughter holding Ashley Jo, me, my daughter's mother-in-law, and my son's wife!
Did you make fascinators?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Baby!

Merry Christmas from my new granddaughter,
Ashley Jo, and me!

She will be a month old on the 29th!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday.... whatever celebration you do!

May God richly bless you and yours!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Global Garland!

Don't you love this garland! You can make it.... go here.

Great last minute gift for your travelling loved ones!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Fascinators

 So the other night I went to my annual "Dirt Diva" Christmas party.
(don't ask)
Since I've been busy on "grandbaby duty", I didn't have to bring any food.
So I told them I would bring the "joy"!!!
I made Christmas Fascinators
.... in honor of this year's Royal Wedding!

I bought Christmas ornaments at Target and hot glued them to cheap plastic headbands!
The divas loved them and some wore them the next day to "appropriate events"!
hee hee
You should make some for Christmas Eve!!!
Let me know if you do, I want to see!

Friday, December 16, 2011

QB5 Christmas!

Remember the shakers from last post that I made for the QB5 December swap?
Well.... this is what I got in return.... such a talented group of women sent me the following:

First is Patty's soft felt ornament.... love the little bird and the way she applied the "feathers"!
she used her hand dyed ribbons...
 has sweet crochet and netting.
  And she attached one of her wire bird's nests! A treasure for sure...

Then we have Carole's
darling Santa snowman...
she sold them at fairs this month in New Zealand...
not sure if she still has any in her Etsy shop...

His hat can be lifted up and I could see me hiding something in there!

Here is Nathalie's precious pin cushion in a china doll appendage!

I love appendages.....
 she has some in her Etsy shop....
 or did... you'll have to check...
these are adorable and I want to figure out a way to wear it.

...and Margaret
....  she sent a packet of goodies (as they all did)....
and this adorable matchbox...
she has some of the best images and just being in Switzerland makes it all so much more special
 ... all that snow and Heidi...
well, you know!

My packages arrive here...... thought you'd like to see my lights...

Merry Christmas!

(come back tomorrow to see the Christmas fascinators I made for a party last night!)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Shakers

 I made these little "shakers" (for lack of a better word) for the Queen Bee 5 Christmas Swap.
I ordered watch part cases online..... name of shop escapes me.
I painted some vintage white on white wallpaper and cut it to fit the backs for the background.

Then I punched two holes in the top edge with my crop-a-dile and pulled white ribbon through with a jingle bell hanging inside.

I had some of those theme tags from the dollar bins at Michael's.... had bee skeps on them....
so I cut the bee skeps out and then I hot glued a cork to the back and the skep image to the top of the cork.  (cut wine corks into thirds with a knife... pretty easy... to provide depth)
(Disclaimer: I don't recommend YOU use a knife though!)

Then I spread some glue around the cork and along the bottom edge and sprinkled mica flakes and a little glitter in.

Made some "word art" in a circular shape to glue on the back of the case!
Really simple!
Fun to make..... you can put soooooo many things inside these....
Have you done this? I'd love to see!

(I'll show you what they all sent me in the next few days.)