Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I really HAVE been doing a few things.
I'm in a Prayer Flag swap on Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group...
 my word is Grace...
and they are due the end of July. 
 I've finished my nine flags!!!

And.... most of them were made with fabric printed the "gelatin" way.

Here is a link to Artful Affirmations that shows you some beautiful prayer flags!

And then Patty totally inspired me to make gelatin monoprints!
It is dangerously addictive... you've been warned...

Have you made prayer flags or done gelatin monoprinting?

I'll show you more soon....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July Delights!

Caterina is having a great giveaway on her La Dolce Vita blog!
You really need to go leave a comment so you can have a chance of winning!

I spent the last few days in the Texas "hill country" in a huge house
with a bunch of my relatives...

including the precious one!

Stay cool!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Had lunch with BFF Virginia this week.... I told her that I needed something for my blog.
Moving to the new house has taken it's toll on my creative time.

She had a picture on her phone of the piece she put together this year...
it's filled with pieces that she and I made and swapped a few years ago..
(if you search for stitching and embroidery on this blog you'll see them)...

and also stitching from some other swaps we did....

Click on the picture to see it large.

(finally got cable and internet today...
so I am BACK!)