Friday, January 27, 2012

Heart Stitches

 Once again I find myself inspired by Pam Garrison and Charlotte Lyons.
The above are still works in progress.... but I needed to update my blog, so you get a sneak peek!

The photo above was taken with Instagram... thus the "different feel" to it....

And....then I got all caught up in making some other things... you know how one heart leads to another...

I started making hearts that I learned in a class led by Alisa Burke... (Christy Tomlinson's Twelve Artsy Ornaments of Christmas).... the flowers watercolored on text paper and cut into hearts and stitched up....

 Then I made the brown bag ones!!!!
(I can't find a picture of those little bags we all (?) made.... but I know I did.... anyway.... stitching the lace and text on brown lunch remember?)

Anyway...the paper hearts are lightly stuffed with fiberfill and stitched up, too!

Warning........... start at your own risk.
Highly addictive!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saturday Crepe

 Okay.... so I've been a bad blogger.... I have my reasons... which I will share later...
But today I sat down and made a Valentine so I could do a swap with Christian Paper Artists ...

Pulled out the roll of red crepe paper that I bleached years ago...
If you weren't here or don't remember... here is a tutorial for it.
It's really great to have around.... and it's so easy to gather on your sewing machine!
I gathered a bunch (takes like a minute) and then hot glued it to the back of this card!!!'s a shout out to Sandy..... here's your rabbit ... happy as she can be.... sitting on a shelf in my art room keeping watch over all.  (see bleached crepe paper roll behind her, btw)

Go bleach some crepe paper... or at least wash it!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Cup of Instagram

This is one of my favorite cups.
And it's an Instagram shot.
You can follow me on on right side... you have to have Instagram...
Do you have an iphone? Then you can have this!

It has wonderful filters that you immediately have access to.
Let me know if you are doing this and I'll "follow you".
It's so about "following" these days..... ha!

Is there any chance for my Texans to come back???
Less than 2 minutes to go.... I can't bear it...
so I'm blog hopping....

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Consider this....

Are you taking any online classes yet?  There are so many classes I'm considering!!!

Strathmore offers free workshops.
 I'm doing this one... it's free!
 Traci Bautista is teaching the first class.... how cool is that!

Beyond Layers is a Kim Klassen class (say that 3 times fast)!
 It's a 52 week class.... right now it's a dollar a time offer.
I'm so tempted!

The Art of Wild Abandoment
is one I am DEFINITELY taking.
 I love Junelle!!!
And I certainly love Christy Tomlinson!

It doesn't start til March 12th and is a three week class.
I cannot wait til March 12th... but guess I will have to.

Letter Whimsy by Theresa McFayden.
I certainly NEED this one!
It starts tomorrow!

Do you love the graphic at the top!!
From Jeanne at Bees Knees Bungalow!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

 I hope you make lots of good things this year!
And I hope you have a friend that appreciates them!

The granddog has been with us this past week
while his parents went skiing ...
they are coming home today.

Why do dogs love to drink out of bird baths?

(Taken with Instagram!)