Saturday, June 13, 2015

June 2015

I really need to shut this blog down.  I wonder how I do that?
Just put up a CLOSED sign?
Tell me, if you know.

I'm doing the Daisy Yellow Index Card A Day (ICAD) Challenge again this year.
This is my third year to do it.  When I look back at the cards I've made over the last two years, it's some of the best stuff I've made! I really love it! You should give it a try. In fact I hoard them....
I don't want to send them out into the world. (this is a problem I apparently have with a good bit of the art I make..... but that's another blog post....... oh, wait.... I'm shutting this down soon.... right?)

Anyway, above are the cards I've made this year.
(It started June 1, but you can start at any time.)
As you may can tell... I can copy really well. ha!

Let me know if you are icading!!!