Monday, March 29, 2010

Warrenton Again! tomorrow....... Thursday..... I'm heading over to Warrenton, Texas with three friends!
We decided to just "run over" for the day!
Better than nothin!
These are some pictures I took when I was there last ... for the fall show of 2008!

Here are some people that are writing about it on their blogs:

The Antique Weekend Web Site! says this: This is a very well established event that has continued to grow in popularity for forty years. Originally started in Round Top, several other shows began popping up in other nearby communities. The largest show community today is Warrenton where several halls and dozens of fields are filled twice a year. In just the last few years there has been tremendous growth. One relative newcomer, Marburger Farms, covers a 40+ acre site just south of Round Top and has attracted the largest number of dealers. Altogether there's more than 300 acres used for the great Texas AntiqueWeekend events!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chiffon Give-Away!

Virginia and I will be mailing out 4 flowers..... no telling what color you will get!
And I take such close-ups with my camera that you really see the fibers in the chiffon....they look gauzy on here...but they aren't.
The winners are:
Emily Pruitt
Linda Sonia
Congratulations, girls!
I think all of you, but Emily, need to send me your mailing address! I also wanted to tell you about a few bloggers
that have left comments here
and have tried their hand on the chiffon flowers
great results!
Go see: Natalea's Kandeland Liz made some, too...
(even tho she was originally inspired elsewhere!)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Inchies

I hosted a Spring Inchie Swap
over on the
Above are the ones I got.
There were lots of good ones....
but I had to share with
the group.
They were done by:
r to l top to bottom....oh and I know some are repeated up there..
I should've cropped that last photo...too late...
First photo:
Virginia Burrows, Virginia Burrows, Anna Tremblay,
Corbi Beshears, Patty Absec, Me
Second photo:
Virginia, Anna, Katie Hogue, Katie Hogue
Patty, Me, Katie Hogue and Becky Hunt
I have several from Katie because her's were over a week late (lost in postal world)...and so she mostly got to swap with me!
Realized I didn't keep any of mine except that one.
Went and found a photo I took when they were
all arriving.... these below are the ones I made.
They are "okay".....
Do you inchie?
(Don't forget to comment a couple of posts down to win a chiffon flower Sunday night!)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bird Babies

Have you been watching Molly the Owl?
I must say I've spent more time than I should watching
her sleep and feed her babies rodents... it's fascinating.
Well..... I know it's NOT "Molly the Owl",
but I do have
my own aviary family.
I'm sure you can tell....
but I wanted to mention that these are two different birds...
one is the male and the other is the female....
One goes into the house and the other sits outside on the stoop!

This house is hanging just a few feet from my backdoor

but I know it looks like it's close to the back's not....

Anna, how is your dove family?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cause I Owe Ya....

If you leave a comment on this post between now and this Sunday night ....
you will have a chance to receive a chiffon flower!
I'll draw four names.... so be sure I can contact you if you comment.
And if you are an Anonymous Commenter please sign your name and email me.

Virginia and I will each donate two flowers!

So.......have you made any of these?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Ya wanna do a "make and take"?
That's what BFF Virginia said to me yesterday.
Her niece, Kami Dorr of Oklahoma City, showed her
how to do these last week!
We love them!
I had done this with tulle....
It's a different look and OH SO flammable!
You need to gather a tealight candle,
a small bowl of water in case you have a flame
a piece of aloe vera for when you burn yourself....
I only burned myself doing the tulle...
which I'm not showing here.
JUST go buy some chiffon...that's what these are.
Cut circles out of the chiffon.... do it freehand, do not draw them.
JUST do as I say.... keep it simple....
You can cut them different sizes.
The chiffon slightly heated is very forgiving
of shapes you've cut...
Hold it above the flame and quickly move it
to singe the edge. You can also lightly
heat the bottom of the petal to make it
curl more.
You can make french knots in the middle or sew seed beads! Wouldn't these be great on a shoe!!!! Or in your hair or on your blouse!!!! Or on a sachet or a belt! Let me know what you do!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

We can make these!

That's what I said to my daughter yesterday
when we were wedding shoe shopping!
Aren't they adorable!
I don't think she wants such big flowers on her's as it might interfere
under her long dress...but a smaller flower would be sweet!
They are slightly stitched on and hot glued!
If she doesn't wear it.... her momma will!
I mean...after my foot surgery I'll be all about
some fun shoes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Time Marches On...

Look what I got in the mail on Saturday!
Anna made this for me...
a little stitchery made into a pillow
in remembrance of Charley.
Isn't that the sweetest!
Anna is a dear friend that moved far away,
but we are able to stay in close touch because we rock the internet!
I know you are waiting to see the March fragments
that Virginia and I exchanged.....
First up is the piece she made for me...... so sweet ....
What you really need to remember about Virginia
is she never just makes one.
She makes one for me and one for herself.
I do well to make one of anything.... below is what I made for her.
I saw it here!

Friday, March 12, 2010


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood
Do you?????

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Inchies

I feel like my blog is turning into an embroidery blog!
So just so ya know it's not.....
I'm hosting a Spring Inchie Swap
and they are starting to arrive at my house!
Those sweet ones above are by Virginia, who we all know does not have a blog!
The little birds are stamped shrinky dinks!
Below is a wonderful envelope that brought some spring inchies from Beth Ellicott,
who also does not have a blog!

What are you making for spring?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bartering is Good!

What did you do while you watched The Oscars last night?
I stitched a couple of trees!
And I stitched a gumball machine..
but upon looking at it this morning,
it needs a couple more stitches before it's "blog worthy"!!!
I also finished a stitchery for my swap with Virginia.
I'm now three ahead!
One month from today I'm having foot surgery!
and he will also fix my bunion at the same time.
I will be so glad to have this done!
But I have so much to get finished before then!!!
A friend asked me to make one of those felt flower pins for her to give to someone.
So I dropped that off to her the other day.
I wouldn't let her pay me... I told her to bring me a flower cutting.
She's a Master Gardener and works at a local nursery.
Instead she gave me a begonia... first new flower of the season in my yard...
Bartering is good!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Crocheted Dress

I have had this little doll dress as long as I can remember.
My mother made it.... I dressed dolls up in it.... I'm guessing the 60's but could've been in the 50's now that I'm writing this.
My sister claimed it after me.... but I retrieved it from a box at her house last year.
Michael's has frames and shadowboxes on sale right now....
so today I placed this little jewel in one!
Well, for now I'll stick with the 60's.... makes me feel younger that way! I stitched one of my mother's crochet needles in there, too!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Weekend Stitches

Did some embroidery this weekend...
thought I'd show you sneak peeks of things I've been working on.
Below is a glimpse of something I added
to my large cloth embroidery...
this is from Teresa's Free Style Embroidery Ezine!
On Saturday we met the future bride, her fiance and his parents.... no, not in LONDON....
the city that will most likely be chosen
as the Host City
for the
Rehearsal Dinner
housing of out of town guests...
Below is a glimpse of the
hotel I want to stay at..
The Marriott in the middle
of great shopping
and restaurants!
just happened to be
rescuing a horse
from a pond
at the time.
What did you do this weekend?