Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Stitch in Time

You know how our type is ...... if we know we are going to have to SIT somewhere for an extended period of time, we will gather supplies so we can create while sitting. There is no way we can just be idle. Yesterday I took a friend in for a medical procedure and had a few hours to wait. So I stitched this! Not sure what I'll do with it.... I am not going to just leave it on the cloth - I have a ton of things I've stitched and put in a drawer. This is going to be a hanging or book cover. It's a design from Postmark: LA, the book done by Pam Garrison, Teresa McFayden, Rebecca Sower, Amy Hanna, Charlotte Lyons and Carolyn Peeler. I believe Pam Garrison drew it up. I love this book! I'll let ya know what I end up doing with it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The 4th is coming!!!

It's almost July 4th!!! Are you ready? Get OFF the porch and find your patriotic t-shirt and get on with it! Don't get left behind!
See what a little encouragement can do?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Heart Mail

Friday was "excellent mail day"! My friend from Silver Bella, Sharon, sent me this as a late birthday gift! Isn't it gorgeous!!!! Be sure and check out her stuff. There is a link to her Etsy shop on her blog! Sharon even has her stuff in Sweetpeas and Snapshots! WOW!

Nathalie, my friend from Christian Paper Artists, sent me a book she found to alter and she even did a two page spread in it for me! She claims I'm very easy to shop for!!! Be sure and visit her blog, where she explains what she did and shows the tags. She has a link to her stuff on Ebay. Nathalie has been a good friend and quite the inspiration for me for several years now.

The internet has opened up the world for us, hasn't it!? I have such wonderful women in my life that I would never have met before. I treasure these women. I know you have friendships you've made online, too.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching My Breath!

I am so behind in everything.... even doing a good job on my blog.... I have had the Sinus Infection From Hell the last 8 days! I'm much better, but I think it's going to still take a week or two to unstuff me. Above is a photo I snapped just before I stuck those in a box to send to the hostess of the Patriotic 4 x 4 Banner Swap over on Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group. They have glitter and crepe paper and buttons....oh my! My friend, Anna, is celebrating her 100th Post!!! I am the one that got her to blog.... yes, I take FULL CREDIT! So go over there and leave her a comment so you can WIN a gift! If you think you might want to meet me at Silver Bella this year (Omaha in November)... be watching Silver Bella Blog for registration announcements. Okay...that's it .... I may be back before the day is over. Go make something...stop reading

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Flag Day

Today, June 14th, is Flag Day! Yes, I'm surprised you didn't know that. Okay... so I only remember that because it is my sister-in-law's birthday! So happy Flag Day and Happy Birthday to Lucy. (who doesn't even know I have a blog) She lives in my other life. I have been suffering from a horrible sinus infection all week. It only got worse after I went to the doctor and got a shot and a prescription. It's really hard to believe that Tim Russert died yesterday, too. I realllllly liked him. Being ill and watching A LOT of television I have learned so much about him in the last 24 hours. Apparently everyone that knew him adored him also..... so let this be a wake-up call - let's take care of ourselves and eat better and lose some weight and try to care about each other every day. ....and wave your flags!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Anna was here!

I adjusted the saturation, etc. in the photo as it was dark when this was taken... this is a little more FUN than the natural color. Doncha think? friend, Anna T., was in town and we were able to go to dinner. She lives in California now and came back for a few days to visit and attend CKU. Here are those headstones I was talking about. I just love headstones...why is that? Most of them are so worn that it's hard to read when you are standing in front of them, much less read in a photograph. These are in the Colonial Cemetery in Savannah, GA. which is now a park. Paper art to return very soon!!!!

Rockin along

One more photo from @home...victorian general shop in Savannah.... This was behind the counter. I really meant to ask about those crowns stacked back there, but I forgot!! Aren't those things that used to hold gas lights or such? Can't remember. Don't forget that you can click on a above...and see it larger! My husband actually got used to me taking photographs of my food! He preferred I not do it when the room was candle lit though. ha Anyway....I had grits every morning I was in Savannah - my roots ARE southern. Savannah airport is the only airport I've ever seen rocking chairs in! More later today... good to be home!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now in Hilton Head, but still talking 'bout Savannah!

Here is the front of that store.. @ home - vintage general! I bought one of those wire wall can see them in one of the pictures in the prior on the first one and it will be larger...look on the floor to the right of the hutch. They were only $13...had to buy. I will probably have to carry it onboard.
Here I am in my sun hat - I'm at the Colonial Cemetery in Savannah! I'll put pictures from there up later.... they have a lot of headstones that obviously were broken and they had no way of knowing where they belong so they are all secured onto a brick wall...just rows of them.
I loved the parks..... town squares. General Ogelthorpe laid out the town plan .... a planned community! So much history here. We had dinner one night in the oldest masonry building in the state of Georgia - it was at The Charthouse and it was wonderful. I highly recommend taking a trolley tour the first day - very informative. We are on Hilton Head Island now.... very pretty...also a planned community. I live in a planned community, so I do appreciate this! Haven't taken too many pictures...lots of trees and golf courses (just like home). Only thing really different is the beach - Atlantic Ocean. Maybe I'll take a photo later today, just hate taking my camera down there. I've been hanging out at the pool while DH is golfing. Found a scrapbook store Monday and bought a few things... gotta frequent the like-minded, don't we!
Silver Bella dates for this year are set - November 13-15, per Teresa. One of last year's Silver Bella instructors Rebecca Sower is doing a Handmade from Home series right now - be sure and check it out. I love everything she does. I get home Thursday night!!!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Shoppin in Savannah

I took this photo at a shop called @Home Victorian General. It was everything that you and I love! If you google it, you can find it and she has a blog...but I am pretty sure it's not set up for online shopping. But I SO LOVED this's in Savannah, Georgia. I bought a few things. I'll do more pictures when I get home. Right now we are in Hilton Head, SC...which is beautiful as well. But I haven't found any of those "kind of shops" we love yet. But I have two more days to look! If you know of any place on Hilton Head Island I should go...leave a comment before Wed noon. I could possibly go Thursday...but we do fly out of Savannah Thursday in the late afternoon.