Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Now in Hilton Head, but still talking 'bout Savannah!

Here is the front of that store.. @ home - vintage general! I bought one of those wire wall can see them in one of the pictures in the prior on the first one and it will be larger...look on the floor to the right of the hutch. They were only $13...had to buy. I will probably have to carry it onboard.
Here I am in my sun hat - I'm at the Colonial Cemetery in Savannah! I'll put pictures from there up later.... they have a lot of headstones that obviously were broken and they had no way of knowing where they belong so they are all secured onto a brick wall...just rows of them.
I loved the parks..... town squares. General Ogelthorpe laid out the town plan .... a planned community! So much history here. We had dinner one night in the oldest masonry building in the state of Georgia - it was at The Charthouse and it was wonderful. I highly recommend taking a trolley tour the first day - very informative. We are on Hilton Head Island now.... very pretty...also a planned community. I live in a planned community, so I do appreciate this! Haven't taken too many pictures...lots of trees and golf courses (just like home). Only thing really different is the beach - Atlantic Ocean. Maybe I'll take a photo later today, just hate taking my camera down there. I've been hanging out at the pool while DH is golfing. Found a scrapbook store Monday and bought a few things... gotta frequent the like-minded, don't we!
Silver Bella dates for this year are set - November 13-15, per Teresa. One of last year's Silver Bella instructors Rebecca Sower is doing a Handmade from Home series right now - be sure and check it out. I love everything she does. I get home Thursday night!!!


Ragamuffin Gal said...

You look lovely in your hat Linda! It really suits you! Have some Happy Trails back home with lots of wonderful memories! Blessings, Katie

The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Linda,

I am so glad that you are having a great time. You look fabulous on that hat! Thanks for sharing.
Speak to you soon.

Unknown said...

Well, I WAS going to say that ou looked FABULOUS in your hat, but it's already been said TWICE! Must be true then. heehee I wish I was hanging out with you there. Sounds like a wonderful time!

Christine said...

You look mah-ve-lous in your chapeau, dahhhh-ling. You are enjoying my kind of vacation. I love history and I love the south. Plus, the shopping has been great. I am jealous, but in a very good way. Can't wait to see more pics.