Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Series of 25

I took another Misty Mawn class a few months ago....  Make/Do Art.
One of the assignments was to make a series of 25.
I cut watercolor paper into 5 x 5 pieces and started.
I used the same paint colors as Misty did.

The theme of mine is Amazing Grace.
Most of the pieces do not stand alone, but work with the group for a message.
God's amazing grace has been so evident in my life I wanted to celebrate it 
with this art process.

I ended up hanging them in an art niche in my house that was empty.
I had to do a lot of measurements and use actual math,
but I got the nails hung so that I can later take
these pieces of paper down and hang 5 x 5 canvases up.

These pieces have Tim Holtz hangers on them that are taped to the back.
Canvases will be hung just on the inside of the stretcher bars.

  I know that picture is blurry.  
It's really hard to take a picture in that spot.

If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you may recognize some of the art work as
some of it was simply taken from existing pieces already.  And some of the women I use repeatedly
in art.  I realized one day that most successful artists reuse things, they don't reinvent the wheel every time they create.

Just letting you know I really am still here.
And I'm still playing with paper and paint and glue.

Between the storms ....

Between the storms I've posted about recently came a sweet blessing.

Our 4th grandchild....


He is such a sweet blessing....... wanted to be sure you knew.
He was born mid-May.
That's my son (his dad) and his big brother in the top picture.