Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Bigger Flood

It was Memorial Day Weekend here in the USA and it was flooding in Houston..... again.
I've lived in my area since 1979........ in Houston since 1972...... and we certainly have some floods in Houston.  1994 was the worst I've seen in my neighborhood. This was not as bad as that.  But it was bad enough.  We had a river flowing down the golf course behind us. No land to be seen on Sunday

My "yard guys" did show up on Saturday!  

Since you couldn't play golf............

  The next picture was on Saturday night before all the land disappeared.....

I was close to putting up a sign on the back fence warning of the presence of water moccasins, 
but after one was in my yard I wouldn't go back in the yard!  Let those people in the water learn the hard way!

 Yesterday land appeared! (I feel like Noah!) And today we see the sand trap!!!!

I hope you had a great weekend!