Wednesday, October 31, 2007

It's Quilt Festival Time!

BOO Banner from last year....... last year...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Eeeeek! So appropo! I was determined to use some of these Halloween images I have. So I made myself get them in the mail last Saturday......what typically happens to me is the event arrives and my good intentions are still lying unassembled on my table in the "art room." I think they are all pretty cute. I love fall colors! And I simply cut cardstock in that gothic shape I like, split a spider web napkin and glued it on and then some images I had,and accordion pleated black crepe paper on the backs and stuck it down. I glued on some white trim (need to get more of that) and I actually sewed a button on the tops...I'm so domestic. ha Oh...also put silver glitter all around! The little witch card is obviously different... Gotta start working on will be here before I know it. Boo!

Monday, October 29, 2007


Okay, we lost. How long do you think Coach Fran will be here? I'm thinkin not much longer!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quilt Festival is Comin!!!

Guess where I will be this time next week!!!! No, not Silver Bella. (that's a week LATER) (my life is SO full!!) I will be at International Quilt Festival. Yessss....this is such an event in my life. Virginia and I have gone every year together since 1986. The last two years her youngest has joined us and will again this year. We are passing the torch....and ensuring transporation in our future years. Now that I have a blog, I will be sure and take the appropriate photos for y'all. But here are a few from last year and I must issue a disclaimer that I do not know who made these and if you know, please tell me and I will credit them. But I did not do them...I just adored them. However, we spend 90% or more of our day shopping at the vendor booths. That pink dress is covered in buttons. I could do that! Maybe. Art quilts are my favorites! I no longer quilt...but I will again...someone has to finish all those that are stacked and waiting in my house. Virginia, Keri and I are all very much into Paper Art and Cloth, Paper Scissors has a great area at the Festival now. These little houses were at their spot last year with their ATC Swap which Keri and I participated in. They have Make It University at the Festival! I plan to spend most of my day there this time. That is their wall of ATC's that we sent in and then we got to take the same number that we made. See the black one with the bird on a nest of scripture and other good words and some fibers? That is one I sent in. I have done that image on several my banner at the top of this blog.

Sunday, October 21, 2007


I have a wonderful friend that moved to Bakersfield, CA several months ago. She is a beautiful, young Christian wife and mother to two boys. In the picture above is me, Anna, Connie and Melinda. Connie and Melinda are also close friends with Anna...and two of my best friends. The other day I got a package in the mail from Anna. She had made this book for me! This is the cover. She is trying to get back in touch with her creative my urging. ha! The book is filled with scriptures. She was apologizing because the vellum on the front has a little wrinkle in it....but I told her that only God is perfect and she should accept that and embrace imperfections in her work.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Gettin Ready!

What has she been working on? I know that's what you are wondering. Well, I've been consumed by what ornaments I am going to make for a swap at Silver Bella. I'm in an "aqua and silver ornament swap". After some trial and error, I have settled on something...which means I've made 16 of these things and they are what I'm taking. I will keep it a secret for awhile. But here is a cropped picture of yesterday's product. I took a photo of today's further embellishment, but it came out blurred. That's because I was trying to crop while I took the photo...why didn't I just take the whole thing and then crop it, you ask? I seem to be into doing things the hard way these days. Driving myself nuts. Charley and I DID get a walk today...leaves are beginning to fall....there are rumors of a cool front arriving soon. Look at Charley! He likes to sleep behind the new sofa on the new hardwood floor! He's such a silly 5 year old boy. He's the first dog we ever had that has his own toy box!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

The Maid of Honor can get away with just about anything! It was a lovely wedding in the hill country...outside above Lake Travis. It was beautiful and the bride was a vision of happiness.
This photo of my daughter and I is a little...did I say a little?....blurry....but had great potential so I put it up anyway. It's hard to focus in the dark. I love our new digital camera, but I think the old one actually focused in the dark better.

Friday, October 12, 2007


Just a quick note....I see it's been a week! Frank and I are off to Austin to a wedding today. The weather is gorgeous and the wedding will be outside, so how wonderful is that! Charley (the dog) and I went for a quick walk just of the reasons I love living where I do is because of the greenbelts. Here is a shot I took the other day.

Friday, October 5, 2007


I mailed these banners or pennants...not sure which they Random Acts of Kindness ... or Random Acts of Art. I love this shape. I want to make more of these soon. I'm about caught up on my art commitments. I did these on canvas...comes in a pad at Michael's. Pam Garrison is my original inspiration for these. Her link is in the Favorite Blogs list to the left. Some of these have buttons hanging from the bottom and some have bells. I sewed wallpaper on most of them for the main base on top of the canvas. Do you like the wish ticket and the fish? The woman in the hat is my mother-in-law back in the 40's. If you click on the pictures, you can see them larger. Another inspiration for these is Tammy Gilley. I LOVE her stuff. Next will be my ornaments for the exchange at Silver Bella in Omaha next month! I have to make 16 of something aqua and silver! I have a few ideas.... That's a little rusty heart on the bottom of the last banner....I cut it off from a garland of rusty hearts. I like that green twig ribbon, too. One day soon I'm gonna run out of that. That photo is one I've had for a long time of a woman on the back of the motorcycle with a Christmas tree. Seems like I got it in a swap??? The girl up at the top holding her skirt out is one I got in a swap...I use her a lot. Have a great weekend. I am going to a friend's son's wedding at First Baptist Houston on Saturday. So the kids are going to the Aggie game without us. Gig em.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Wooden You Know It!

Yeah! The floor is done! Now I have to seriously get ready for the master bath renovation. I hate remodeling. They say it's easier than moving, but I'm not convinced. I have allergies, too. I'm just generally not in a very good mood, but I should be. The older I get the easier I am stirred up.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Shopping in Bryan, Texas

This weekend was my hubby's reunion at Texas A&M and I had a few hours to do whatever I wanted while he played golf with some of his "old buddies". There are some great shops in the area and I took some photos in my favorite one. I am going to write scripture on a pumpkin this year. Don't you love that! You could write poetry or ANYTHING! I will take a photo of the wonderful little things I bought and upload next time.
This shop is full of different areas of all kinds of stuff that "we gals" love. There is also a restaurant in here and I had some tortilla soup before I started shopping, that was incredible. I love my recipe for the same, but I think I'm going to try and revamp it to match their's. I love anything with birds on'll see after I take pictures of my purchases....and this shop has it's share! I have these flowers! Pier One carries them. I loved how they put the tissue paper in the vase!!! I don't think I've seen that before.