Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quilt Festival is Comin!!!

Guess where I will be this time next week!!!! No, not Silver Bella. (that's a week LATER) (my life is SO full!!) I will be at International Quilt Festival. Yessss....this is such an event in my life. Virginia and I have gone every year together since 1986. The last two years her youngest has joined us and will again this year. We are passing the torch....and ensuring transporation in our future years. Now that I have a blog, I will be sure and take the appropriate photos for y'all. But here are a few from last year and I must issue a disclaimer that I do not know who made these and if you know, please tell me and I will credit them. But I did not do them...I just adored them. However, we spend 90% or more of our day shopping at the vendor booths. That pink dress is covered in buttons. I could do that! Maybe. Art quilts are my favorites! I no longer quilt...but I will again...someone has to finish all those that are stacked and waiting in my house. Virginia, Keri and I are all very much into Paper Art and Cloth, Paper Scissors has a great area at the Festival now. These little houses were at their spot last year with their ATC Swap which Keri and I participated in. They have Make It University at the Festival! I plan to spend most of my day there this time. That is their wall of ATC's that we sent in and then we got to take the same number that we made. See the black one with the bird on a nest of scripture and other good words and some fibers? That is one I sent in. I have done that image on several my banner at the top of this blog.

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Unknown said...

OhMyGosh! I can't beleive I didn't comment! I read this last night and dashed off because I didn't have time, at the time. I remember these great pictures from last year. What a GREAT TIME you are in for! Can't wait to see your report on this year's event.