Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Rockin along

One more photo from @home...victorian general shop in Savannah.... This was behind the counter. I really meant to ask about those crowns stacked back there, but I forgot!! Aren't those things that used to hold gas lights or such? Can't remember. Don't forget that you can click on a picture...like above...and see it larger! My husband actually got used to me taking photographs of my food! He preferred I not do it when the room was candle lit though. ha Anyway....I had grits every morning I was in Savannah - my roots ARE southern. Savannah airport is the only airport I've ever seen rocking chairs in! More later today... good to be home!


Lorrie said...

I never tasted grits until we visited friends in South Carolina. I love them, especially the cheese grits. Mmm good.
Glad you had a good time away. Thanks for visiting my blog.
I'm looking forward to exploring yours. I didn't know there was a Christian paper artists yahoo group!


Unknown said...

The shop LET you take pictures? Looks like cool stuff. The airport is amazing- looks like a hoity toity shopping mall full of boutiques. Like no airport I've ever seen!

Anna said...

cool work space at that store - It's so warm and cozy :)

Linda Jo said...

Yes, they let me take pictures....most stores do unless they make things there. This shop wasn't making anything...just selling. I couldn't buy everything I wanted because my luggage was already FULL. I was considering shipping things...but some of this stuff can be ordered online ... I recognized some of it from other vendors on the internet. But I got some flowers, little french hangers and that wire hanger thing! Be sure and click on the name of the store and visit their site...soon you can order from them.

Jeanie said...

Ha! I'm not sure Rick will ever get used to taking pictures of my food! Boy, am I behind on your blog...!