Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Cup of Instagram

This is one of my favorite cups.
And it's an Instagram shot.
You can follow me on on right side... you have to have Instagram...
Do you have an iphone? Then you can have this!

It has wonderful filters that you immediately have access to.
Let me know if you are doing this and I'll "follow you".
It's so about "following" these days..... ha!

Is there any chance for my Texans to come back???
Less than 2 minutes to go.... I can't bear it...
so I'm blog hopping....


~*~Patty S said...

sorry about your Texans...I think maybe the freezing cold weather worked against them...but what do I know...I am not a football follower just get it from "the guys" here

your instagram pics are neat...I still have a dumb phone ;)
word verification: snuffer

Margaret said...

love this effect, if i was up to date with technology I'd have it straight away! Mx

Jeanie said...

Woe on your Texans. I have a stupid phone so I have NO idea what an instagram is! But it's cute!