Sunday, January 8, 2012

Consider this....

Are you taking any online classes yet?  There are so many classes I'm considering!!!

Strathmore offers free workshops.
 I'm doing this one... it's free!
 Traci Bautista is teaching the first class.... how cool is that!

Beyond Layers is a Kim Klassen class (say that 3 times fast)!
 It's a 52 week class.... right now it's a dollar a time offer.
I'm so tempted!

The Art of Wild Abandoment
is one I am DEFINITELY taking.
 I love Junelle!!!
And I certainly love Christy Tomlinson!

It doesn't start til March 12th and is a three week class.
I cannot wait til March 12th... but guess I will have to.

Letter Whimsy by Theresa McFayden.
I certainly NEED this one!
It starts tomorrow!

Do you love the graphic at the top!!
From Jeanne at Bees Knees Bungalow!


kandeland said...

you've got the scoop! thanks Linda!

Lorrie said...

I'll have to look up the Strathmore ones. I've signed up for Teresa McFayden's Letter Whimsy tomorrow and am quite excited to get started on something creative! It feeds my soul.

Margaret said...

ooo... you temptress you... fab links, like I need a distraction!

Vickie said...

Hi Linda - lotsa goodies going on over here, as usual! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create this year ~~~

I wanted to thank you, too, for your prayers for Kristen. It is SO appreciated by not only me, but the whole family!!! God is good!

~*~Patty S said...

that is quite a line up of tempting classes...
thank you for sharing Missy!

Jeanie said...

Thanks for the info on this. Didn't know Strathmore offered free ones. I may go in for that if it's not too late! Desperately seeking time for creative outlet -- a little over the top these days!

Unknown said...

Thanks for letting us know! I might just take the art of wild ...class!!!

Sandy xox