Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Shakers

 I made these little "shakers" (for lack of a better word) for the Queen Bee 5 Christmas Swap.
I ordered watch part cases online..... name of shop escapes me.
I painted some vintage white on white wallpaper and cut it to fit the backs for the background.

Then I punched two holes in the top edge with my crop-a-dile and pulled white ribbon through with a jingle bell hanging inside.

I had some of those theme tags from the dollar bins at Michael's.... had bee skeps on them....
so I cut the bee skeps out and then I hot glued a cork to the back and the skep image to the top of the cork.  (cut wine corks into thirds with a knife... pretty easy... to provide depth)
(Disclaimer: I don't recommend YOU use a knife though!)

Then I spread some glue around the cork and along the bottom edge and sprinkled mica flakes and a little glitter in.

Made some "word art" in a circular shape to glue on the back of the case!
Really simple!
Fun to make..... you can put soooooo many things inside these....
Have you done this? I'd love to see!

(I'll show you what they all sent me in the next few days.)


Margaret said...

I love mine sooo much, thank you! fab colours which I'm doing next year for sure! would have liked to photograph our swap on my snow covered lavender bush like last year but there's no snow!! maybe I can photoshop some!

~*~Patty S said...

beautiful on your bbb
and even prettier in person

you are so nice to share your step by step...cutting corks with knives and your swirly words on the i'm impressed!

thank you missy

kandeland said...

very cute!
Have a great weekend Linda xo

carole brungar said...

Mine's hanging on the xmas tree already!! Must take a pic! xx

Anonymous said...

These are darling, Linda! I have several of those metal tins from watch stores...will have to look and see what I can put inside. Thank you for sharing...will we see anymore of that sweet baby of yours? It will be fun to 'watch' her grow up!

Unknown said...

They're waaay cool girl!

Sandy xox

Lorrie said...

They are so sweet, Linda.

Glad you had such a fun time with your brand new grandbaby.

Unknown said...

I love snow "shakers" and globes. I will want to keep your ornament out all year to play with!

Jeanie said...

Bees for the bees! Totally adorable in every single way! Love 'em -- you do such amazing work!