Thursday, November 15, 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes!

Look at me! I'm making a pin out of crepe paper to wear. In case you don't run in "my circles" that is a Make and Take table. Smiley face here! It was Candice Carpenter's Booth! Thank you, Robyn!!! A week ago today I left for Silver Bella! I simply cannot believe that it's been a week. I still must echo the words I'm reading all over the internet that it was one of the best experiences ever. Now remember we are talking about paper art, glue, glitter, old paper, giggling, eating, SHOPPING, talking non-stop and rhinestones and sequins. In THAT world that I try to live in often, it was the best weekend EVER. I must point out that I flew to Omaha not knowing a soul at this event. We have been on our own little yahoo group for awhile now and so I did know through reading a few emails the girl that was going to sit across the aisle from me on the plane...hey Jennifer Stewart! ... but other than that I had no clue who I would be visiting with. And I must add that Jennifer is so sweet and we had a great visit and got to meet 3 other Bellas on the airport shuttle to the Hilton! The restaurant picture is the first night in Omaha. From the left it's Heidi, Janey, Natalea, Jessi, Tiffany, Pam and Sharon. I spent most of yesterday finishing my class projects and will upload them later today! Be sure and visit the other blogs I linked to on here and see their awesome pictures!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda
That was Candice Carpenters Booth.
I was sitting next to you making those cute pins!

Unknown said...

Linda, meeting you was an absolute delight! I'm with you--best weekend EVER! :) I'll be back to visit your blog--take care!