Monday, November 5, 2007

It's THIS WEEK!!!!

Silver Bella is THIS WEEK!!!!! I finished my aqua/silver ornaments for the swap I signed up for at Silver Bella. Thank goodness I only signed up for one swap. I made stockings out of wallpaper. Sewed them up on the machine and then painted them aqua with alcohol ink, put glitter on, rubbed some snowflake rub-ons (hope they stay), attached tinsel at the tops, sewed buttons, tied bells, cutout vintage girl and used a glue dot to put her in. Too many steps!! But now they are packaged up and look oh so festive! So the most important thing is taken care of. Now...what in the world am I gonna wear to Vendor Night? Guess we should've voted for pajamas after all.'s junk gypsy...but it will be fun. Lots of lace, jewelry and jeans..and boots. Haven't really decided if I'm taking my boots....I do not want to take more than two suitcases to this. I'm so stubborn. You can look up if you don't know (and want to know) what I'm talking about.


Anonymous said...

bring the boots girl - you from texas!!!

Unknown said...

Linda, your ornaments are ADORABLE. The best art takes LOTS of steps! Your aqua stockings will be snatched up in no time. WEAR your boots on the plane so you won't have to pack them. Cowboy boots GO with EVERYTHING! And like Anonymous said above, YOU'RE FROM TEXAS! Why are you waffling?! I hope you take lots of pictures! I want to see what you and the other Junk Gypsies are wearing!