Saturday, November 24, 2007


This is how I spent the day after Thanksgiving 2007..... being a member of an Aggie family. and... to add the frosting on the cake.... Aggies won 38 - 30! If you don't know who they played.... that's okay...


Unknown said...

I have been "absent" for so long, I fgure it's high time I stopped by to say, "thinking of you". Thanksgiving and football- they go together, don't they? great pictures! Your daughter is so beautiful. The apple didn't fall far rom the tree. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,
Thanks for asking about my foot. It's coming along just fine. I'm just able to put a sneaker on again. I haven't been posting on my blog because I can't get it to load pictures. As soon as my daughter has a few minutes she'll figure it out for me.
The picture of your family is just lovely. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.