Monday, December 3, 2007

The Galleria

I've been wandering the Galleria in Houston since 1972 and I'm quite sure I've never taken a picture in there before. So above are some shots of the Christmas decorations. In the middle one that is water coming down! It's so beautiful in there and I can't visit without remembering what it was like to go there alone as a 20 something year old girl and not knowing a soul in Houston. I had just moved here to work. I did know the parents of a good friend and had stayed with them a couple of nights while looking for an apartment. Oh how my life has changed since 1972 when I took that step of faith and moved to the big city to work. God has richly blessed me.
Below is a picture of my son and his girlfriend. We were at the same party in The Galleria on Friday night. That's DH in the tux on the left in the background. Picture of the 4 of us to come...when someone sends it to me!

So today I need to remove the pumpkin from my front porch and start pulling out the Christmas decorations! It was still November when I left last Thursday! We stayed at The Westin Galleria Hotel Thursday and Friday nights! So I shopped Thursday, Friday and Saturday! Had parties on Thursday and Friday nights..... I still have tired feet.

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Unknown said...

I love dress up parties! Looks like the tired feet were worth it. The Galleria is beautiful. Got lot of Christmas gifts? I haven't even started!