Friday, December 14, 2007

Christmas, Christmas time is here!

A few more pictures.....I spend days slowly putting it out and I must tell you that this year, I left a lot in the attic. But it's okay.... I'm feeling good about "paring down" .. is that spelled right? It is... I just looked it up. See my Rebecca Sower vignette hanging there? I put all 6 of them on the tree. No, I haven't made more. Why do you think I would have gotten that done? I'll do it tomorrrrrrrrrrrrrow! I should maybe put some crochet or "snow" under those above? Hmmmm.... we'll see.. I got those angels on Ebay a couple of years ago. I just love them!! The house is a replica of the one on It's A Wonderful Life. What was the name of it? Be the first to name that house and I'll send you a surprise! I'll post more later. I realllllllllllllly must go shopping today!!!!


Unknown said...

I love your snowy, sugary, fairytale landscapes indoors. What a neat collection of glitter houses (!) and the gnomes are very cute. Yes, you will be getting hand made card from me- mailed it yesterday adn it will fit into your decor, I think.

I must say that I don't know if the charcoal black is working on your blog- and your birds are a bit sunburned. Putting the right colors together is NOT easy. I personally don't know what I will put up after I take my "Christmas" colors down. I liked the pink thing you had going for a little while- just maybe a lighter shade. Or Shabby Chic blue? I think you should keep your birds banner (they are "you"), just in their original state.

Unknown said...

OOooo, I like the soothing blue/gray of your blog and your birds enlarged and the wiggly typeface that looks like twigs and vine that might end up in a bird's nest. Nice!

Anonymous said...

Nat's right about the banner and these are good colors.
Is it the Granville house?

Linda Jo said...

Yes, are the winner! I will send you a surprise! Yeaaaa!
I like these colors, too... I was trying to be daring before....ha