Thursday, July 31, 2008

Silver Bella Nightmares

Last night I had a nightmare. I was at Silver Bella and I had decided to leave early. Then I remembered that I hadn't gone to Rebecca Sower's "Prayer Collage" class yet. And I ran back in and everyone was out of the room (it was like school) and I couldn't find Teresa to tell her that I had to get in Rebecca's class. And then....I forgot to shop!!! That's Natalea with her hands full of something good at Second Chance Antiques in Omaha! See Janey in the background.
I'm sure none of that will really happen to me.


Jessi Nagy said...

haha so funny that you are already dreaming of the bellas.
i hear ya though. i have had a few crazy ones myself.
it will all be good in the end.

Ragamuffin Gal said...


Hi friend! I usually have a dream or two like that before (or right after I go) somewhere that is significant to me (and Silver Bella would be significant). Only difference is that I am usually in only my underwear in my dream and I am very embarrassed.

You are so lucky to get to go ~ I hope it happens to me someday. Many Blessings, Katie

Julia said...

Linda.....I am Stephanie's childhood friend....and I appreciate your comment on my blog. Stephanie has caused some traffic on Blogger's Lane. I look forward to meeting you in November. Seems like a long way to go to meet a fellow Houstonian....I live in Cypress. Where are you in this huge city?

I love your art....I am going to SB for the first time but I've been an art piddler for years so it will be fun to be around all you artists. Have a fun, safe and healthy fall and I will see you there. Julia