Thursday, July 24, 2008

Fish Pedicure

Did you see this? I'll probably get sued or something for putting it on my blog. But here is a link: Fish Pedicure! It was on Good Morning America on Tuesday, I think, the 22nd. I want those fish to suck on my feet!


The Other Side of Me said...

Hi Linda,

I saw this too and couldn't believe it. I wonder if it tickles. I don't think I would like that. tOO WEIRD.

Unknown said...

Looks yucky for the fish (eating toe jam?) Eeewwwwwww!

Anonymous said...

Don't think I could handle those fish nibbling on my feet!!

Anonymous said...

That's funny Linda, because I went for a pedicure yesterday and everyone in there was talking about it. My husband told me about this like 2 years ago and I had a hard time believing it, but I guess in Cambodia and places that way they've been doing it for quite awhile. Very weird!
xo natalea

Anonymous said...

Hey...I don't care who or what is sucking on my would feel great no matter what. So, what if you have a fungus...could you kill them???