Tuesday, July 8, 2008

By the Sea Inchies

I hosted a By the Sea Inchie swap over on Christian Paper Artists... got those mailed back out last week. The above is a sampling of them done by 11 women:
Cindy Ericsson, Corbi, Chris McNeal, Anna Tremblay, Emily P., Christy Grant, yours truly, Virginia, Barb J., Lori N., and Phyllis! If any of you girls have a blog send me the link and I'll put it up!
This is a little mermaid Cindy Ericsson made for me as a hostess gift! Isn't that sweet?


Unknown said...

A swap I am wishing now I had taken part in. These would have fit perfectly into my Ocean Fantasy altered book I still have blank pages in. *sigh* Such wonderful little art pieces!

And that Cindy Ericsson is one talented lady!

Anonymous said...

Y'all make me blush!

The Other Side of Me said...

The inches are great and it looks like your swap was a success! Great job. Love the mermaid!

Anna said...

OMGosh...... did u do the spf 30???? I love that one!! I finally framed my butterfly/bugs in their specimen box... i'll try and post it soon (on the cpa) - the mermaid is awesome!!! i just realized it didn't make u a hostess gift :( sorry - sending my banners today -
xoxo anna

Unknown said...

I am still waiting to see my Sea inchies -- I think Mom is holding them for ransom :)

Congrats on your 1st year!!!