Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art for friends

One of the women on staff at my church has recently begun chemo and radiation. I made her this piece with a scripture that reflects some thoughts she had shared recently on her blog.
And this is a pennant/banner I made for a friend's recent birthday!!!! I really like the girl on there....will be using her again. She has attitude!!! Remember - you can click on the picture to see it larger!


Jessi Nagy said...

these are darling!!
im so glad you are coming to silver bella again!!

Unknown said...

Beautiful art, Linda. I especially love your thoughtful bird piece.

Anna said...

the bird banner is beautiful! Is the lady anyone I know? I can pray for her... I will anyways.... Ok and you beat me to the banner (I love her!! I have her right next to me while I craft :) .....-I am LITERALLY posting it to me blog.... as I type... xoxox anna

Cindy said...

Very pretty banners! I love when you can give something to a friend that comes not only from your ouwn hands, but mainly from your heart! Beautiful job!


Laura Kirste Campbell said...

Beautiful! Gorgeous! Love them!