Monday, July 28, 2008

Banner Days

I've been making banners for a year or so now.... I really like the size and just the idea of a pennant or banner as a celebration. The pennant or banner above is just something I made for a friend (Natalea) to stick in with some ATCs that we had been doing in an ATC Jam she started. (more about that later) This is a Summer Banner that I did in a swap I hosted on the Christian Paper Artists List ... link is on the side here. The pennants left to right are by: Me, Anna, Stephanie, Phyllis, Chris and Corbi! We are going to do some more swaps like these for the future seasons such as winter, Valentines, autmn, and I am thinking some other banners for other celebrations we may have in our lives, too. If you would like to get in on one of these and you aren't a member of Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group, please come join us. I'm the moderator and I'll let ya in!


Anna said...

they look great! I love your title - banner days..... :)

Lorrie said...

Hi LindaJo - thanks for inviting me to join the group. It sounds like fun!