Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Pink Artist Day!!!!

I must tell you that today is the day that you can start contributing to breast cancer research and have a chance to win our doll or another great prize - go here Girl Gone Thread Wild. I was thrilled to participate in the making of the Love Squared Doll, along with about 181 others. Be sure and check it out.
-The Pink Artist Project:- is a group of artists coming together to create two by two inch art squares, mailed in from around the world that when stitched together have built ONE magical creation, our lady Love Squared. An art doll MADE WITH LOVE and uniquely devoted to the cause of finding a cure.
I'm on Page 3 of the web site. My square isn't very exciting ... but I think my mother would be happy. I used one of her crocheted flowers and stitched it on a square. We lost her to lung cancer in 2003. She was always an artist of some kind as long as I knew her. She was either painting with oils or watercolors; or she was crocheting or embroidering... she would love this doll. She did make those crocheted dolls that I never grew to love..... haha.... but they gave her such joy to make and give. And isn't that what it's all about .... giving to others in love!

See the prizes you can win. The info on where to send your Breast Cancer donation is on the just listed link. All you have to do for a chance to take home any one of the magnificent prizes is make a donation between August 1-October 15, 2008 and for every $10 donation you send in your name will go into our art drawing TWICE.

P.S. this is hours after I posted above - I picked up my copy at Barnes & Noble and I was blown away when I read the article - it quotes me....about my mom. Isn't that incredible! I was so excited.


Anonymous said...

(passing you a white linen hankie) I love your square, and I'm so happy you are included in the article. I looked yesterday but didn't find the new issue; I'll have to go back out. I didn't participate in the doll project but I'm sending some charms to Amber Dawn for the charm exchange/bracelet project.

Unknown said...

I love your square, Linda. What a great story behind it. And how cool that you were quoted! :)

girlgonethreadwild said...

Linda your generosity to GIVE something your beloved mother had made touched my HEART more than you'll ever know. I knew I had to mention you in the article! I wanted it to be a surprise!!! :)

Wish I was standing next to you in the bookstore...

xo, Monica

Tabitha said...

HI!! I'm doing another card giveaway if you want to stop by!! :)

~*~Patty Szymkowicz said...

OH your square is sweet and wonderful because your Mom DID have a part in the project!
I bet she was smiling down on you in the bookstore too! Such a lovely tribute and remembrance of your Mom!