Friday, August 29, 2008


I know I said I'd put some of my favorite Etsy shops up .... like a week ago.... well, here they are. Took awhile cause I had to shop while going through them!!!!
Okay...I'm tired...there are some others...but they will have to wait. So many of my Silver Bella friends have etsy shops! But I think these above are a nice group and maybe they are some you haven't seen. (there are only two Silver Bellas in the group above...see if you can pick them out! Silver Bellas are not allowed to guess. There will be a prize!!! There might be 3 Silver Bellas...need to check on that.)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Linda: Just checking in to see what is new on your site. Love the picture of the little girl crying with the broken doll. Then what a surprise to see my sister's "shop" listed! As usual, your place is SO creative.
Mary M