Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Online Shopping

Need to go shopping?

I find most of my favorite online shopping from other people's blogs. Thought I'd share my favorites today. There are so many wonderful ways to spend your money online! It's a new day and aren't we rejoicing to be in it!

These are NOT Etsy shops..... I'll do those another day.... maybe tomorrow!!

I met Amy at Silver Bella in 07 and bought one of her little "sugar houses"... which I do not see any of in her shop right now. But click on all of her links. She is amazing!

I just drool here, haven't ordered yet. Love the aprons! While you are there, click on her blog. She has tutorials for apron and pin cushion.

Heather Bullard was also at Silver Bella 07. Bought her stuff. She is also wonderful. You'll spend some time here.

One Hundred Wishes is where I spend most of my paper art stuff money.
Hope Wallace is one I also met at Silver Bella 07. I buy her cards and rubber stamps!
Papier Valise has everything you need!
French General... surely you've been here!
Savannah College of Art and Design ... discovered them when we visited Savannah last May!


Jeanie said...

This is fun! Some are oldies to me but I'm linking to the others right after I visit your other posts!

Linda Frances said...

love the picture - I remember when I was in high school - we had to get on our knees and if our skirt did not touch the floor it was 2 short to wear to school - Lind G

Linda Jo said...

I don't know how to remove just one comment. Does anyone? The comment above from Alice...if you click on her name it goes to a Coupon I think she isn't a real blogger. So don't click on her. linda

Linda Frances said...

Linda - when you log onto your blog to say write on it - there above the top of the space where you write - it should say "creat" "edit" "posts"
"moderate comments" I think you can take off comments there you do not want on you blog posts - but not for sure - there is a way for you to see the posts first and not to add the ones you think are not true from a blogger "friend" - Linda G