Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Owl Inchies and Glitter!

I really have been doing some art stuff....just a little here and a little there. So finally took some pictures today. Above are my owl inchies for a swap on Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group. Have to send in 5, so the guy in the bottom right that is glared is for me to keep. My worktable is covered - which I know you find hard to believe - I'm slowly working on a couple of glitter houses to send in to the above yahoo group for a flat glitter house swap. The recipient will glue the edges together and put the roof on. I'm also slowly working on pennants for the Autumnal Banner swap on the same list - and I'm the hostess for that one. I love pennants! Great shape and so celebratory - doncha think? And then there is this. Sometimes I make what I call "warm-ups" just to get me going. Can't decide if I should add something hanging off the bottom. I mean - it's a "warm-up" for crying out loud. But I'll probably send it as a RAK - I'm obligated to send one more off my rak list by the end of October. So...that's what I've been up to. That and going to the blasted Physical Therapist for my rotator cuff. He said today that he thinks I need an MRI. My doctor was waiting to see how I did in PT. Well...... my pain is actually abit worse. Today Peggy (PTA) did put one of those tape braces on me. So now I'm cool like Kari Walsh. I'm going to wait and post this Wednesday - I already posted today - don't want to strain another muscle.


Vickie said...

Hi, Linda - those little owlies are so cute! Where do you find all your pictures to do your paper art with? You must have scads of things like that that you've collected! Ephemera? Is that what's it called? Well, anyway, you're awfully good at it! Those little houses are cute, too. They would be darling at Christmas, but I'm sure you've already thought about that!

Hope your shoulder doesn't get you down. I know I'm in for a "cuff" problem in the years to come. I dropped a heavy table from my right hand about 10 years ago, and my should went straight up like a slingshot. OHHHHH the pain! I feel for ya! Vickie

Margaret said...

Hi Linda
Many thanks for your comments on my blog, the canvases are really keeping me busy, a lot of fun! I love your owls, so amazing to think they are only an inch big! I also rather like the earlier bird pics, nice mix of textures and techniques, I still haven't tried beeswax but would loveto give it a go.
Hope you're feeling better soon:)Margaret

Anonymous said...

love the owl inchies! seems like you are getting lots done! xo