Friday, November 2, 2007

Quilt Festival, quilt festival, quilt festival! Always a highlight of my year! It's a day of seeing so much of the things I love to make and hold. Just being around this kind of stuff energizes me. And Virginia and I attended for our 21st time!!! It is a day we get to just hang out and visit with each other, handle beautiful fabrics and then walk away, drool over ribbons and dig through piles of "stuff". You should've seen us digging in a bin of ribbons and trims that were $2 a bundle. Of course we are very selective and limit ourselves to 3 or 5 bundles. We know our limits. I'll upload some more glimpses into our day over the next few days. I have to be getting ready for the granite and tile guys to show up Monday morning and take over my life for a couple of weeks. And...this time NEXT WEEK...I'll be at Silver Bella!!!! There's a link on the left here. On a much sadder note....please say a prayer for my dear friend Nathalie . Pray for strength and comfort for her and her family as they deal with the murder of her sister this week.

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Anonymous said...

you inspired me again with the altered pic - i altered my daytimmer for next year with all my scrap papers :)

it's super cute!