Friday, June 18, 2010

You know what I like!

Margaret sent me a wonderful package from Switzerland for my birthday!
She was in New Zealand when my birthday "happened"... so my package just arrived...
but you know how great it is to continue to celebrate for weeks afterwards!
I love those sweeeeeet monograms above.
And they are in the most wonderful little envie!
You know I'll be tracing that off and making my own!

She assured me she did not embellish the ribbon with feathers.... came that way!

Margaret knows what I like!
Just as everyone that reads my blog knows what I like...
Doncha love that?
We could shop for each other endlessly!
Send me stuff!


Lorrie said...

Isn't getting mail great? And it's doubly special when it comes from far away! (like Texas - opening the samplers is always fun.)

carole brungar said...

And who's been spoilt then?? :)

Kateyed said...

That is indeed beautiful stuff! Tell her the rest of us would like some stuff, too, ok?

~*~Patty said...

hahaa YES, she has you pegged!
such lovely bits and treasures!

Margaret said...

Ah yes now I remember what was in the envelope! could have stitched that L to your stitchery and my task would have been done! lol shame I only ever think of this stuff after the event!

Unknown said...

I just love how bloggers really 'get you' and are so generous all the time! Have a great weekend!

Sandy xox

Dogwood said...

Darling, little darlings. Love the momogram. You are a lucky lady to get all that "cool" stuff.