Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book Love!

This small book contains so much for me.
Not only does it have a vintage library card for it's covers,
it's small, it has stitching on the side to bind it, it has stamps and a postmark,
and it's a BOOK!
My friend, Cindy Leaders, sent it to me.
I actually ordered it from her Etsy shop, as soon as I saw it!
But she refunded my money and sent it to me!
She really should not have done that,
but she wanted to thank me for anyway...
the important thing is that I POSSESS one of these great little books.
You can still get one.... I just checked and she has a few!
I've always loved little books.
I have had a love affair with libraries since I was a child.
That's a great post yet to be written! ha!
I love library checkout cards.
I use them in my art.... the only time I've sent art to
Somerset Studio it was something I made using one of these cards!
And...yes.... they published it!
So I gather the vintage library cards up....
trying not to hoard. (you watch that on tv right?)
Those of us with this Library Card Addiction
seek relief from Nathalie's etsy shop where
these cards can be purchased!
It's good to have a supplier...
Do you have any addictions that we can talk about here?
(If you have a know how hard it is to come up with a post title.
I keep changing this one.... the wrong title can bring in a lot of unwanted spam in your comments!
Some of my early titles were excellent!)


Lorrie said...

what a great gift!

Jeanie said...

I love this -- especially her binding and the colors she used. What a special gift!

Counting down?

~*~Patty said...

Another fine example of the talents and generosity of blogland!
Love it!

Dogwood said...

very nice. I am loving the book.

carole brungar said...

lol Hi my name is Carole and I have an serious addiction -to lace! :))

Can you help??

Anonymous said...

This is the cutest little book!

Unknown said...

Great theme!

My addiction?
Do I have to name just ONE?
Can't decide.

Unknown said...

It looks like a cute book! I'm off to check out her etsy site now..

Have a great weekend!

Cindy Leaders said...

Thanks so much for showing off for me, Linda! :) It's a pleasure to give back just a tiny little bit for all of YOUR generosity! You are a huge blessing in our little circle, and I'm sure many others. THANKS!

Cindy Leaders said...

And btw, Nathalie has endowed me with more of these great gems, so I'll enjoy making them for a while. :) Thanks to Nathalie, as well!

Margaret said...

Fab gift you lucky gal! I love the binding. I checked out the link and the paper inside looks super cool!