Monday, June 14, 2010


BFF Virginia's June stitched piece for me.... see my initials!
I've been making little wedding dress lavender sachets...

I've been looking for my Mother of the Bride dress!

A little tight...all that comfort food post-surgery...

Not as old looking as you might think from the picture:

Too young looking?

Too autumnal for a July wedding?

....... the search continues.......


Lorrie said...

I like the look of the first one with the lace, but it's hard to tell.
I'm also on the hunt for a MOB dress for September. Such fun!

Dogwood said...

Darling sitiched piece with your initials. Precious little wedding dress lavender sachets. Have fun dress shopping.

Anna said...

fun! dress shopping must be (phew) exhausting. I like the sequiny/ lacey dress..... no it's not too old, the ohter one is not too young either..... Deb looks beautiful in your "peek" shot :) the sachets are awesome! VB's stitching rocks (duh) and church in the park are COOL shots!! Jazz sunday! how AWESOME - sorry I missed it. :( You are loved!

~*~Patty said...

At least you are relaxed sniffing all of that lavender while you stitch!
good luck on your dress search!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

I know looking for a dress is work, but I really enjoy your pictures. I vote for the first one (just get some spanx ~ you may not be able to breathe and heaven help you if you get in a downward position and can't get up) but I think you would look very stunning in it. You are a doll no matter what ~ hey maybe BFF Virginia could stitch you one up.. O'k now I am getting carried away, see what happens when we haven't talked in awhile. XO

Margaret said...

Lovely stitched piece, Virginia is really rather clever, she needs a blog!! although I think she knows that!
The lavender bags are looking fab!

Kateyed said...

I think the color of the last one is beautiful. Looks like you, from the coloring I see in your picture.

And the little sachets...I love them. I love this embroidering that is going on and I haven't done ANY!!!

Well, when these two swaps are done!

I got a new banner...come and visit...if you have time! Kind of like a new baby!!!