Sunday, June 20, 2010

Packages tied up with string, these are a few of.....

I got a GREAT package this week! I won a blog drawing from Julia, my Silver Bella buddy, that lives across town from me. She makes these wonderful photo blocks and I won one! Peggy, another Silver Bella buddy in Houston, won the other one!
Julia clipped a photo she had of me on here.
It's me with Frank from Trading Spaces!
He was on the flight with us from Houston to Omaha
(we were going to Silver Bella and he wished he was going to Silver Bella).
Anyway..... visit Julia's blog...
she has great stuff there all the time!
My daughter wanted to make photo blocks for her bridesmaids already,
and then when she saw this one this weekend....
well, I've already gone and gotten the wood and had it cut!
I'll show you how they turn out!
Thanks a heap, Julia!
...and below is a picture I just thought you should see...
It's pretty obvious the neighborhood cats have figured out
that we no longer have a dog at this house.
Not that they were all that afraid of Charley,
but I'm sure they feel we need animal protection of some kind.
Happy Father's Day!


Caterina Giglio said...

aww what a sweet kitty!!

Julia said...

Glad you like your prize. You are a that you took a picture of the package before you tore into it. Proud of you for that!

Have fun making photo blocks. The possibilities are endless.

And that picture cracks me just got right in there in Frank's personal bubble!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful prize you won...maybe if you ask your friend nicely she would 'allow' you to turn this in to a swap for the group!! (hint hint)...
PS Thanks for the prayers for my mom and family!
Blessings~ Patty

~*~Patty said...

Congrats on being the lucky winner, what a cute photo


Shane Pollard said...

Hello Linda

Congratulations - how great for you to be a WINNER!! lovely photo block.

I'm really enjoying Carole's class and meeting all the lovely people like YOU! LOL!!

Jeanie said...

What a terrific gift and prize and what a handsome neighbor cat!