Friday, August 6, 2010

When Do You Throw the Flowers Out?

I do have a cut flower obsession. Especially for "flowers after the event".
I bring them home and coddle them for days.
These are bridesmaids bouquets.
How could those girls not have wanted these?
Yes, some did take their's.
(they are the girls like me)
So when you open my fridge you see flowers!
Do you see that the "stock" is turning brown?
I cut those parts off (last night)
and the roses (God love em)
are standing in vases drying now.
No, I'm not going the silica route.
I DO have silica... I'm just trying to free myself!
Below are flowers from the tables that I brought home and they've been in water.
I gave lots of arrangements like these away.
I wonder how they are doing?
I love those little blue blossoms opening on the hydrangaes! I left 8 vases of orchids and curly willow..... I know.... ....but I can only handle so much! OKAY.....moving on... The only things I made for this wedding were some things for the attendants gifts... I made photoblocks... fashioned after Julia's. Debbie helped me do everything but the sachets. Remember those chiffon flowers we all made? We sewed them on flip flops for the reception... (just for the bridesmaids)
and I showed you these sachets previously, too....
We packaged these up and put them in the girls' bags they got...
along with other goodies.
I promise I'll be finished with wedding talk soon!
I have nothing else right now though!!!!
...and in case you are concerned...
the staff assured me they would
take the orchids and branches home...
some to their mothers...
I'm sure they are thriving
and making people happy and obsessed today!
So...I no longer have any in my fridge....
but they are all over the house...
waiting for their next photo op!!!


Lorrie said...

It's so much fun catching glimpses of the wedding. The flip flops are such a cute idea.

I finished beading the veil and in my insanity decided that since I couldn't find a dress for myself that I was happy with, I'm making one. Yes, crazy. Certifiable. But it's almost done.

I have a hard time throwing out flowers, too. And the roses and hydrangeas all look so soft and pretty.

~*~Patty S said...

You really ARE a gal after my own heart! I would have been doing the same things with the flowers ... the tiny blue centers are so precious!
It's nice you brought them home and could share them with us!
I certainly appreciate your pretty pics!

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Linda, Your obsession with flowers, especially ones this beautiful are a healthy obsession! Obsess on...! I've thoroughly enjoyed all of your wedding posts...weddings are just too fun not to share. Lovely little gifts and favors you made for all the bridesmaids as well! Xo, Sue

Margaret said...

my mother used to hang them upside down in the airing cupboard to dry, this way they kept their shape and colour!
So love those chiffon flowers, makes me want to do them again!

Margaret said...

Hang the flowers upsdie down not the bridesmaids...

carole brungar said...

Yep I'm with Margaret on this one, I hang everything upside down too to dry. Although I think you will find the hydreangas will brown a little. Perhaps it's a kiwi thing??? lol

Shane Pollard said...

Linda these pics have brightened up a very cold, wet, winters day for us in New Zealand!

I've enjoyed the flowers as if you had left them on my doorstep! That white hygrangea is stunning with the tiny blue centre - if you know it's name I'd love to know!
The bouquets will be lovely dried and maybe we'll see some in your art work!!

Whenever did you find time to make all those lovely extras?
So glad you all had a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

Mine are still doing beautifully on our kitchen counter!!! -- Jessi

Kateyed said...

Linda Jo,
Don't stop now!I am loving it. I have been in and out of town and missed a lot. This is phenomonenol!

Ragamuffin Gal said...

Oh Linda ~
I am a flower saver too! Can't hardly bear to part with "after the event" flowers. These are so so beautiful ~ I just love the photos of them.

What a joyous event! What memories! and happiness all of those gifts brought to the recipients! Knowing you ~ it was extra special!
Love ~ katie

Jeanie said...

Gorgeous photos of the flowers -- I'm like that, too -- coddling! And really, those favors -- good heavens, they are astounding. Truly, you could hire out (but would it be so fun if not for someone you loved?)

Really, you're my hero!

Julia said...

Flowers. What do you do with them after the soiree? Because Jordan's wedding was out of town, I had to watch 11 centerpieces be thrown away at midnight. The florist needed her containers back the next day and most guests had left or were leaving by the time I had to make the decision to toss them. I certainly couldn't take them home on the plane with me...just to have them to deal with once I got home. Ouch. I just wish I wouldn't have seen them tossed away.

I hate to think the florists knows that all their hard work gets tossed...but surely they do know that. They must enjoy the process of floral arranging or they wouldn't be able to stand to know their product doesn't stay around.

The bride and bridesmaids' bouquets probably got tossed, too....maybe days later...but I didn't have to see that.

Most of the money that goes towards a wedding is consumed that, alcohol, music, I guess add flowers to that total. ha.

The pictures are proof that the flowers were beautiful. Right?