Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, too!

There's a giveaway on Tuesday, too!!!!
(there's a giveaway Mon - Fri this week....)
Today's giveaway is a Puffy Heart made by BFF Virginia!
(who was HEAVILY inspired by Roben Marie!!!)
And a little pad with a topper I learned to make from a Teresa ezine!
Two of my bestest online friends are
having giveaways, too....
Nathalie's ends like tonight!
(she's drawing in the morning)
Patty's ends Friday night!

If you need more information.... look at yesterday's post!
Today is my daughter's one month anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Anniversary, Debbie!


~*~Patty S said...

so much to celebrate!
five days of giving ... you generous Heart(s) you ... Lovely Virginia!!!
and your notebook ... will I seem greedy if I sign up each and every day heehee ... let's call it enthuisiastic (if only I could spell it)
thank you for the shout out too missy!
Happy Anniversary to the newlyweds!!! Let them eat cake ... no wait ;)

Kateyed said...

What an incredible heart, Linda. I love it! Very subtle and soothing.

Those wedding pictures are incredible...your daughter looks just radiant. You must be so happy!


LindaSonia said...

Sweetest heart ever!! LindaSonia

Muffins and Lace said...

What a beautiful heart. I absolutley love it. I stumbled upon you blog today and have marked it under my favorites.

Coleen said...

Such a lovely blog Linda and the puffy heart is so cute. I must go make one, but would love to win that one.
Coleen in Ukrainea

terri said...

I love the puffy heart and so I will hope to win this little goodie. I "puffy" heart your blog too.

terri said...


Bunty said...

What a beautiful heart! Please put me down for a chance in this giveaway.

Thanks so much. :)


Wendy said...

Happy 500 to you, and happy one month to your daughter :)
That heart is gorgeous... thanks for giving!

Debe said...

Five years! That is amazing...I have managed 5 posts!! I always enjoy your blog and wish you many more 5 year mileposts. Love your creativity. Happy Anniversary to Debbie, too!

Anonymous said...

Wow back from vacation to find a beautiful giveaway! Congratulations on the big 500!! And thanks for being so generous all week long! I love the heart and since I love fiber and fabric arts (but can not sew to save my life) I would love to have this or anything that you create really (grin)! I am a follower and I will blog about your blog all week long as well!!! I hope you all at CPA are well I hope to get back to the arting soon!
Hugs, Melissa

Anonymous said...

Ok I don't know if I am supposed to do each comment sepperatly so here it goes

Anonymous said...

Im "blogging about you" yayyy another entry!! lol
Thank you Linda

Sue@MyArtsDesire said...

Yummy! I'm in for the adorable little notebook and heart! And such beautiful photos of your new bride...a whole month! After all those months and months of planning, it must be hard to believe that it's all over. Such special memories...

Unknown said...

Ooooooo, count me in for this heart! I love the natural colors!

And oh, BTW, you won MY giveaway! Some people are just too lucky!

farmerinthemaking said...

well i have to sign up for this one too as today is my daughter's two week anniversary and I had such a fun day with her today getting their apt set up. Thanks for all the fun giveaways and your generous spirit. I'm so glad I decided to relax tonight by catching up on favorite blogs. Your give aways are super and it would be fun to get any of your handmade goodies as I know personally from CPA. Have a great weekend

PS I am a follower