Friday, August 27, 2010

Fly Away Home!

Finally did my August fragment for Virginia.
I could no longer resist doing the free-motion stitching.
Found my darning plate... as I can't drop my feeddogs on my old Kenmore.
And I even used a piece of my silver painted stick from the backyard!
Yeah me!
And every so often I run muslin through my printer (ironed to a piece of freezer paper)
and I print words and images on it to have on hand.
That's where the word "home" came from.
See that rusty clip it's hanging from?
You can get those from Nathalie!
They are sooo great to hang our "stuff" from.
About as Steampunk as I've gotten!
They're rusty suspender clips.
I'll be adding them to Christmas ornaments soon!
(some junk ornaments we are calling them...
or a variation of that word I'll share with ya soon)
Here is a direct link to Nathalie's Etsy Shop
known as Ruby Floy... ya better hurry.
Guess what next week is?
Well it will be a Big Giveaway...
right here on my blog!
Come back and see!!!!!
I think I'm going to do several giveaways...
need to go take some pictures....


Unknown said...

This piece is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

~*~Patty S said...

wonderful fragment Lidna!
your painted stick is so cool and I'm happy no one is IN your bird cage, that always makes me sad sniff sniff

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Love your birdcage! I'm still looking for my buttons to make one your flower buttons. I put up everything because company was coming over, now I can't find my stash. LOL.


Laura said...

Everything looks wonderful. You are so talented-

I am a Texas blogger too!

White Spray Paint

VB said...

This is the cutest little piece! And you did such a good job.

Kateyed said...

Linda Joy,
I just fell in love with that fragment right away. I am partial to birds but I also love the look of the free motion sewing and am impressed that you put muslin through your printer (very cool outcome). Those suspender clips are very just did a great job!

BadPenny said...

gorgeous !

Margaret said...

Viva free motion fabulousness!! love it!!

Jeanie said...

Another beautiful piece, Linda. I don't know how you do it!