Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let them eat cakes!

If you have never been to a wedding cake tasting....
let me just say you will love it and you'll need to drink a lot of water the rest of the day!
My daughter's cake turned out beautifully....
For you novices out there..... hee hee.... that bottom layer is fake!
You can adjust which layer is fake by how many slices you want to get out of this cake!
Sometimes at weddings they make a smaller cake and just have sheet cakes in the kitchen.
That's a great option, too!
But this seemed easy and it was!
Makes the cake look so big!
The part that I found amazing,
why I'm dedicating a blog post to
the wedding cake,
is the drawing of the cake.
My daughter just talked with the cake designer
and .... as we sat there...
the designer just drew it off on her graph paper!
I was blown away by that!
So I scratched out on photoshop all the
personal info from the drawing
so I could share it with you....
BC is buttercream... just so ya know...
In the USA we do a "groom's cake" also. Tradition started in the American South...
you know we like everyone to have a piece of chocolate if they'd like....
but I think the tradition has spread across the country.
I know my friends in New Zealand and Switzerland didn't know about this tradition,
so thought I'd explain.
My son-in-law wanted German Chocolate Cake for his groom's cake...
They were both delicious!

Yes, we had a "rod iron stand".

I mean....... she could design a cake...what do you want?


Dogwood said...

Stop it, oh stop it! Those cakes are way over the top beautiful. Yummy delicious! What fun to see the design from the designer!!!!

OK...I think I need to have a piece of cake today.


Lorrie said...

ooh, yummy and beautiful combined! The cake is one thing I know nothing about for my daughter's upcoming wedding. But I know the designer and it will be beautiful. Not big like yours though.
And chocolate for the groom's cake - swoon.

I laughed at the "rod iron." We all do things like that, don't we?

~*~Patty S said...

that drawing is the bees knees and the cakes ... be still my heart ... they are perfection
bet they were both very tasty too!
Love your pics Linda!!!

Julia said...

Beautiful and now I am wanting German Chocolate cake! Jordan didn't have a groom's cake because they don't do those in Arizona. Acted like they could but it wasn't normal. ha. So we passed. And the resort's baker made her cake...and while it tasted good, yours was much more artistic. I know you were proud of that.

xoxo, Julia

carole brungar said...

Yep. I'm with Julia, I want some too!! Oh well, at least you didn't show us pictures of people eating it!!

Malisa said...

Cakes are gorgeous! Did you save me some? I am hungry right now! :)


Margaret said...

Think we're going to have to introduce the Groom's cake here! How yummy to have a choice, although the bride's cake still gets my vote! divine!

Jeanie said...

THis is a terrific post. I never really thought about an artists rendering for a cake, but it makes sense! And fake layers -- who knew? Not me, for sure!

It's beautiful, Linda. Worth every calorie!