Monday, September 21, 2009

Wedding RAK

I have some of the most wonderful online friends!
There is a wonderful woman named Emily that became my friend on Christian Paper Artists Yahoo Group!
On Saturday I got this fantastic box in the mail from her.
It's a RAK .... random act of kindness!
On the CPA Yahoo Group we encourage the sending of RAKs in the form of artwork.
Just a few blog posts down the page you
can see where a group of the girls on CPA
made a wedding banner for me, too!
The box was filled with individually wrapped goodies..
for me.... the MOG... (mother of the groom)... and MIL2B!!!

She made an art card for me!!! That's me depicted as the angel that I am!!!! ha And a sweet, sweet prayer for me!

Emily doesn't have a blog.

She is such a blessing to me! Is there someone you could be a blessing to today?


Anonymous said...

My sister told me about your blog. It is very nice and a pleasure to say "hello".

Have a blessed day!

Unknown said...

You ARE diciplined to photograph the box before you tear into it! (a well trained blogger!)

That Emily is something else. An angel herself.

Anna said...

what a sweet friend to RAK you like that! and what a sweet friend to be RAK'ed. You should be showered daily with rak's...... xo,

Jeanie said...

How cool is that! Really WONDERFUL!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

How special and very thoughtful!
You an angel ... huh ... wrapping my mind around that one LOL
I'm sure you'll be wearing your wings and halo for the festivities Saturday nite ;)
Enjoy * Enjoy!