Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Going to the chapel

This will hold you over til I get back!
My son's wedding is Saturday night!!!


Anna said...

awe cuteness! Lovely collage of flickerness.... happy wedding to our resident MOG! love you!!

Lorrie said...

Have a simply WONDERFUL time!


Jeanie said...

I know you'll have a wonderful time and it will be beautiful. Of course we all want to see photos!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

ooo this is beautiful
one day I'll have to learn how to do one of these!
those lily of the valley are so sweet, great job for giving us all the wedding bug!!!

Debe said...

Hey, I have been quiet lately but let me shout out now!!! HAVE A GREAT TIME! Watch out for those tears, it gets to you when you least expect. I loved my son's wedding, can't imagine what it will be like giving a daughter away. Enjoy every moment and we are waiting for pictures!!!