Wednesday, September 16, 2009

BLOSS and Guiding Light!

YoU MuSt HuMor me TodaY!!
Guiding Light... after 72 years...
is going off the air.
Friday is the last day.
It's sad.... I haven't watched
in years... so I am
partly responsible...
although I totally
blame the
I mean.... they got rid of Ross!!!
Jerry ver Dorn played Ross and is now on
One Life to Live....
Ross married Blake
and became
I was a Blossie!
This was in the beginning of the internet... we didn't have
Yahoo Groups yet.
There were all kinds of message boards though and it was
where I became obsessed with the internet and all
it's possibilities.
Jerry and I became pen pals... of a sort. I'm sure he wrote to a lot of people. But none of the other Blossies had this relationship. So I thought I'd just give you a peek at some of my treasures...
Yes, Jerry sent me his Emmy invitation.... I think that was a year
he won.... don't ask me to remember right now.
He knew I quilted (back then) and encouraged me to send a quilt in.
Blake and Ross had just had twins and I made it as
a baby quilt.
In the photo above you can also see the label
I put on the back of the quilt showing it was
from all the Blossies.
I was blown away when I saw it on screen. It appeared at least
two days....
One day it was on the back of the couch.
Another day Jerry/Ross was FOLDING it!!!
He was folding laundry and he had it in
his lap folding it!!!!!!!!
I have those episodes on VHS tapes... need to update that.

Yes, he sent me a script! Which I might add I could sell on Ebay...but never would.

Below is the floorplan of Ross and Blake's house..... I asked Jerry if he would send me one... and so he drew it up!!!!!!!

Liz wrote, too. Below is a peek at her baby's toes and a note.

She also sent some other pics to one of the other Blossies

and we all shared.

We sent her a stuffed Dumbo that I bought at The Disney Store in

Houston (It's a BLOSS thing) when her real life

child was born.

Emily has a YouTube Site full of Bloss!
She is one of my old Bloss friends.... I met one of them SKN... on my trip to
San Francisco. Some of the girls met in NYC at a Guiding Light gathering
in 2001. There are pictures...somewhere...

One day I was picking my daughter up at elementary school and Robert Newman was outside getting his niece or nephew!!!!! I was beside myself. I knew that his sister lived here, where I live, but never dreamed I'd run into him at school. I, of course, (I'm NOT shy) talked to him! I'm sure my daughter still remembers that!

I grew up watching soaps in the 50's and 60's with

my mother and my grandmother.

It was a different time.

Thanks for listening....


carole brungar said...

Of course none of this makes sense over here, never heard of the programme, but WOW! This is big stuff! A script even!!
Way cool Linda!

~*~Magpie's Nest said...

you are too funny!
I have never followed a soap, hope that's not un American ROFLOL ;)

Ms. Judy said...

Oh Linda, Linda. Your post today really takes me back. Back to Crosscreek as a matter of fact where we met. I guess it was a listserve precurser to Yahoo Groups, etc?

GL had some great writers back then. And it was great finding a group that was enjoying it just as much as me.

But over time GL started going downhill and off-topic crept in. It was fun to get to know more abt the members. Like seeing Chessie's beautiful cat photos. And Dana getting excited abt her new diet. Fourteen years later, she has nine low-carb books on Amazon.

The first internet friends I ever met in real life were you and Candy. I never was the Blossie that you two were, but that was a really, really fun afternoon.

But you're right, the writing really went downhill but it was still MY soap. The one I'd invested decades in. The one I started watching at my mother's knee. So I've still watched it and will to the bitter end.

Poor Blossies. They're hinting at a romance with Blake and Frank. Do we REALLY need a "Blank"?

Jeanie said...

Ha! I used to watch this in college, but this post cracks me up! I've felt that way about other shows, too!`

Unknown said...

You shared the quilt once before, but
not the whole story behind it. How very
Cool! They must have seen you as something
Really special to have such an intimate correspondence
(baby photos and scripts?). Not many can
Boast about that! I was not a soaps watcher
Because my mother wasn't. I'm still not a huge
TV watcher. Too much else to do! And I rarely
Have control of the remote! :)

miss lynn said...

miss linda, i am so impressed. i cannot even believe that your quilt was on guiding light!!! and ROSS was folding it! you are a stinking celebrity. i don't know what to cool!

Anna said...

WOW!!! I did not realize there was more to than the quilt! I knew about some letters and what not.... BUT HOLY guiding lights artifacts! an an emmy nod!!! Sorry - it came to an end - but at least you were not still so "closely" attached. all my love,

Margaret said...

Linda I have no idea what you're talking about but somehow I wish I did!! what a cool story, great post, made me smile a lot!