Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Shots

It's been a crazy week, but it's Friday! That means Mexican food tonight... so I can make it a few more hours. Here are some pics of what I've been doing... I made a few little needlecase/pockets. I like these for when I'm traveling. I started making them when I was cross stitching in the 80's... I could stick my floss in the pocket and my needles on the outside. Anyway, they are quick and I'm sending these to four women that are so good to me all the time.
Below is a valentine I made for a few people on my RAK list on Christian Paper Artists. I glued tissue paper on a card and then I made a heart with the same Victorian looking tissue and some text from a literature book....stuffed the heart with fiberfill. They also got a supposedly vintage valentine cupcake stick it in the cupcake. What do you call those? Here is another needlecase and a little Valentine I sent to a few girls. Some of the Valentine tags that I made for my RAK list show up in a previous post...below the valentine tree.
Below is a special pennant that Shannon made for me for our banner swap on Christian Paper Artists. It's very 3D...doesn't show well in the photo. Shannon is on CPA Yahoo with me, plus we got to meet at Silver Bella. She is so sweet and she wrote me the nicest of those notes that you keep forever.
Here's some stuff my BFF Nathalie sent when she mailed her Valentine pennants to me. (I was hosting this swap in case you didn't figure that out.) She made the sequined heart into a pin for me. And she stuck it on an old library card because she knows I'm nuts for library ephemera.
Nathalie also sent me the she good to me, or what?
Here is someone else that is always good to me.... my BFF Anna. She picked this treasure up at Tinsel Trading in NYC... she knows I go crazy over glitter. She had no idea that I also am well aware who Wendy Addison is! is my banner strung with the pennants I received from the CPA Valentine Banner Swap. It was a mini banner swap. I also hosted a regular size banner swap, which I didn't participate in...but Anna sent me one regular size pennant...because she's what?....because she's good to me! I'm in the mini Valentine banner swap on In This House and Garden Yahoo Group, too. So I left extra ribbon to string those on when they arrive!
Are you ready for Valentine's Day?


mary schweitzer said...

Your Valentines are just lovely!
I visited Fanciful Twist like you suggested and oh my! I just love her dresses. Got my brain working LOL!!

Anna said...

sadly - that great giant banner in the middle looks GIANT!! (sorry) you don't have to string it if you don't want :) my feeling won't be hurt xoxox
Yummie needle cases..... did you print the words on muslin? love the sequin heart! and library card.... I learn something new everyday.... did not know you loved library epherma. Shannon's banner is delightful! - I go visit her blog next :) love the happy v day from out branch..... you always come up with the best sayings!! continue to keep me in awe
your adoring bff (anna)

Malisa said...

Wow! Looks like you got the good stuff in this swap! I may have to try that one of these days!

Thanks for the photos!


Christine said...

Linda Jo, you know I LOVE all the pink in those Valentines and your needle cases. What a great idea. I did a lot of cross stitch in the 80s too. We are sooooooooo the same age!

Do you have as many unfinished cross stitch projects as I do? I get bored so easily. Maybe some day we should have an "old unfinished project swap". You finish mine, I'll finish yours. :) You probably don't have any that are unfinished. But that would be a very good topic for one of my blog posts. Maybe......we'll see.

And no, sadly, I am NOT ready for Valentines Day. Can we just skip it this year?

Anonymous said...

What great Valentine items. Loved the post below on hand soap, too cute.

Come on over for a visit and enter my "50th Post Giveaway".



Unknown said...

No, not ready for any holiday ever-- I always find last minute things to do-- like making a card for someone on impulse or baking something for someone on impulse. You would think I might start planning ahead for thos eimpulsive gestures...

Your Valentines and needle cases are sweet! I am in love with needle holding things now. They are SO practical but can be made to be so pretty.

Margaret said...

Great post Linda! love everything on it, totally gorgeous 'hearty' theme you've got going just in time for Saturday. I really must get a move on although still a week of kid's hols and distractions to go!

Anonymous said...

what beautiful stuff Linda! Yes, i'm ready for v-day!
xo nat

connie said...


love, love your needle cases! my daughter had made one in her sewing class. I too think I may make one!

I too have several little birds on my mantle with nests, eggs and branches from the outdoors. with all this rain it feels like spring!

Jeanie said...

Everything you pictures makes me wild with desire for all the lovelies -- I couldn't pick a favorite if I tried! Lovely post, lovely pix, lovely friends!