Sunday, February 22, 2009


Here's that photo of my mother-in-law that I use all the time. This time I printed it out on muslin again...but I stitched it to a small canvas by hand. But before I sewed her down, I used a few inks on the gessoed canvas and then stamped a bird in a tree with black ink. The phrase at the bottom was snipped out of a paperback book. I keep a cigar box full of phrases I clip out of books. I also sewed a button on her dress. Then I heated up the beeswax in the old crockpot and put a little of that on. That stuff really makes a difference. I need to start remembering to take before wax and after wax pictures. Below is a little something I sent to Christine for her birthday...which was yesterday. I had some ledger pages from a kit I got at Silver Bella that I hadn't used and I couldn't believe that the date on the top of one of them was February 21!!! The thing is that the beeswax made the date somewhat hard to read...which was a disappointment to me. I used the cover of an old hardback copy of a child's book. I need to start gathering more of those. I wrote Christine's name on the ledger pages in pencil to indicate she had purchased some pink fabric!
I have more pictures from Virginia's to show you.... later this week! And she and I both made copy of Pam Garrison .... I need to finish mine first and then I'll share those.
I also took photos of her art room..... is it okay if I share those, Virginia? I'll crop them artistically, I promise!


Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Hi Linda! I just love how you used the beeswax. Love both of the cards,

Hugs :)


~*~Patty S said...

Love what you've done with beeswax and paper = WOWEE! The personalized birthday cake creation is really wonderful!

Jeanie said...

First of all, the piece with your mother in law's photo is just beautiful. I love it! (And she was a cutie!) And second, Christine is one lucky woman! Very nice!