Monday, February 9, 2009

Paul is still Paul!

In case you missed it..... and I'm still looking for a better copy of this...I want a clear picture of my teen idol. Those of us that were teenage girls during the Beatle Era have the best memories! This performance was last night at the 2009 Grammy Awards. Made me think I was 15 again! OKAY....GRAMMY pulled the first video. The picture is so bad..almost not worth it...but the sound is good. Let's try this one:


Christine said...

Be still by fluttering heart!

Do you remember the song we all used to sing to him?

"We love you Paulllllll, oh yes we do-ooooooooo......"


Malisa said...

My cousin, Jan, got to see The Beatles on their first American tour! She sat on the first row!!! For years, she kept a M&M that Paul touched! We love you, Paul!


Anna said...

bummer - the grammy powers that be resended the video! we can't see it anymore :( I get no live tv time - it's all about tevo for us parents of young kids :) so I didnt watch paul (who I think is a genius) and i love the beatles - they are one of the few bands who made good music with amazing lyrics! xoxo anna

Anna said...

here's a silly response to the genius of the beatles.... when I was young about 5 or 6... I had a lp of beatles' cover songs.... by the chipmunks (oh yah! alvin, simon and theodore) - that's how I first heard this song :) classic! great post xoxo me

Kara Ward said...

Oh, how did you do this!!!! I am so frustrated with You Tube and my flick camera that I could pull my hair out. You are a computer genius! Kara

Jeanie said...

Oh, Paul -- definitely the cute one!