Thursday, February 5, 2009

Embrace Imperfection!

Tracy Porter has a great video tutorial right now on the rescue of a thrift store or antique shop purse. You should go see it. Nathalie, I reallllllllly thought of you when I saw this.
I'll be back later today.... with valentine banners!


Anna said...

yummie - i love tracy porter - I didn't know she had a blog!! thanks - the video was cool :) I seriously want her studio!! argh!

Unknown said...

That is one cool site!!! Thanks for stopping by and I will definitely be taking pix on Arizona! Did I meet you in Omaha??? Keep Warm! Sandy xox

Unknown said...

Waaaa! I couldn't access that particular video-- and I JUST bought a thrift store purse I want to personlize (hope I get around it!)

I must live a very sheltered life, because I do not know who Tracy Porter is- but now I do! Thanks for the link, Linda!