Thursday, December 13, 2007

What I like about MY Christmas stuff!

This is in the dining room....I love these silver trees...bought 5 of them at Thad's in Old Towne Spring, TX a couple of years ago. Put some of my little houses underneath 3 of them here. I have these little pipecleaner gnome people there, too. Those arrived inside my china hutch when I bought it from my boss back in 1977 after his wife died. The white house in the glass two of em at Walmart last year for under $20 each. The small dome with the tree, I got it at The Nutcracker Mkt in Houston in 2006. I made the Christmas banner last year....strung it on a jingle bell swag I had. I'll put some more up tomorrow. Do you like my black background? I can't decide....and I'm not too crazy about my banner right now (at the top of the blog)....maybe I should use an antique postcard.... too much to do.

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Anna said...

i loved thads! your house looks GREAT! WOW - I'm gonna try the house next year... I don't have the time this year, wish i could come over for tea :(