Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Diva Christmas 2007

Somewhere deep in the "liveable forest" is a group of friends that call themselves The Dirt Divas. It can be difficult to get a photo of them all gathered in one place at the same time. Below are two attempts...but as you can see the attempts do not show everyone. This first shot was taken by me. And yes, they are often seen wearing the official headdress. This photo was taken immediately upon their sitting and talking time...which follows their standing and talking time. This period often lasts quite awhile. As you can see they are very classy. They are having champagne with their Fritos. Below you can see that one of the Divas has escaped....lured away to another function with other this case family....children home from the mission field in Argentina. But the others go on and try to enjoy themselves and a photo is captured by Nancy this time.
See the empty place at the end. How symbolic a group they are. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Ya'll are dorks! ;-)

Linda Jo said...

Said like only my daughter could say!

Anonymous said...

Linda, I'm loving that bottom diningroom! Great color walls and pretty chandelier!
Anyway, hope you all had fun!
Have a Merry Christmas if i don't talk to you before then! xo natalea

Unknown said...

Okay, HOW did you name yourselves? What does dirt and tiaras have in common (or not in common- what's the inside joke?) How fun to have a group of gal pals to hang with! And does your daughter NOT hang with a group of friends who wear dorky head dresses occasionally? Or feather boas? Or matching t-shirts or ANYTHING? We all got to have "sisters" to have a good time with!

Anna said...

i love it - you all look fab!!!!

Joy for the Journey said...

I love it! Thanks for the chuckle :)