Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Life Continues 

Some of my special friends came over and wrote scriptures and prayers on studs in my home.
 It is a wonderful blessing. 
Those words will always be there blessing us. 

Now the drywall is up.
 They’ve been taped and floated and texture is on. 
The interior doors are being hung. Trim is going up.
 When paint goes on the walls, I will be sooo happy!
 It’s a process. A process I didn’t plan on at all.
 No one told us how hard this would be. 

People out of town always ask if we are back in our house, if life is back to normal.
 We are all so used to rapid recoveries. But, no, this is a difficult recovery. 
We had flood insurance. So many didn’t. We were not supposed to flood.
 I have friends that don’t have walls up yet.
 Keep praying. 

Yes, the fireplace had to be torn down. Our firebox had to come out the front.
 Most in my neighborhood did. So I get to design a new one.
 Hoping I will love it! None of this is fun. 
It’s because of how we got here
Just wanted to update my regulars that don’t see me on fb. 
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the USA!
 We will be at my daughter’s. 
We are so thankful.
 This could’ve been much worse. 


Jeanie said...

I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving, Linda. You are right -- it could have been so much worse. But so many would be mired in the "why me" mold. I admire that you recognize this, as hard as it all is. And it IS hard.

I love that your friends joined in your rebuilding with these beautiful messages. You will be surrounded by love in your new home (or part of home) and that's what it is all about.

Sending loads of love and good wishes your way, my friend.

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