Monday, January 8, 2018

And Suddenly It's a New Year!

Well, these didn’t post in order. But above is a Christmas shot at our son’s house with all the grandkids! The youngest one is not into posing!
We had a great Christmas!

Most of the house is being painted Loggia by Sherwin Williams.

Below is the master, which is painted Krpton by Sherwin Williams.

Below is a shot of the snow in December. Our contractor took the picture for me. 

............cabinets are in...... same as before, just lighter color.....
still wrapped in some plastic.....

The paint crew...........

You have to be brave.......

I like it!

See you soon. 


Jeanie said...

Wow, Linda. The house has really come along! And that portrait of you and your gang is just wonderful. I'm so glad you had a wonderful Christmas.

Lorrie said...

Gorgeous grandchildren, Linda! Aren't they fun? I didn't know you were building a new house. It looks lovely!

Lorrie said...

Okay, I just read your earlier post and see that you aren't moving into a new house, but that your home was flooded. I'm so sorry. I love the idea of your friends writing scriptures on the studs.

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Unknown said...

Stumbled across your blog and one of your posts said that the tutorial for a scrappy ribbon (of course, NOW I forgot what the name of the craft was. lol) Seems like it was a scrappy ribbon type thing. haha But I cannot find it on your blog. Could you direct me to the instructions? OH! I remembered! ha! It was the snippet roll! Gotta love middle age!

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Naomi (Angel Numbers) said...

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